Empathy gives you the opportunity to see the world through another person’s eyes and connect with them from a place of authenticity, integrity, and service.

Empathy helps you understand and have compassion for people’s fears, frustrations, needs, desires, aspirations, goals, and dreams. It also helps you make better informed choices and take more effective approaches to multiple situations in your business.


Empathy makes people realize that you’re an authentic thought leader, expert, authority, or leader who truly cares about them. As a result, they’re inspired to tell others about you, because they stand behind who you are, what you’re about, and the impact you’re creating.

When you use more empathy, you will discover:

  • the best ways you can serve your clients, customers, colleagues, and/or audience;
  • what language to use for leadership, communication, and marketing;
  • how to give and receive feedback (skillfully);
  • what messaging, products, & services to create; and
  • how to deliver powerful, transformative value that will impact people’s business or life. Or both.
  1. Imagine that the person you’re communicating with is your best friend… and someone who wants to be happy, safe, healthy, and free (just like you);


  1. Imagine having a heart-to-heart discussion… about their dreams and challenges… what keeps them up at night… what they can’t get out of their heads… what they want and need… and what they want to achieve in their business and in their life;


  1. Connect with them, acknowledge them, and let them know that they are not alone; that it is okay, there is hope, and that you are the one who can help them (or you will teach them how to help themselves);


  1. Show them how to get past their pain or challenge starting today, and over the long haul… then teach them how to reach their dreams as quickly and effectively as possible (in a way that supports who they are);


  1. Capture this information (Based on your “discussion” above.)
  • What words were they using?
  • What information were they sharing with you?
  • What emotions were coming up (for them and you)? • How were they describing their experience?
  • What stories were they telling?
  • What might still be under the surface?

Now that you have these answers, use them (ethically) in all of your communications, starting today. Because 5 amazing things are going to happen:

First, you’ll discover what’s really going on in people’s lives, what they’re experiencing, what’s motivating them (fears to dreams), and how you can best serve them.

Second, you’ll have the language you need to speak (and write) to them. By using the exact words they’re using, you’ll connect, deeply and authentically, with them.

Third, you’ll automatically be positioned as the person who can help them. (Why? Because when you can articulate someone’s pain, challenge, or dream in their own words — or even better than they would describe it — people often assume that you have the solution… or that you can help them find it for themselves.)

Fourth, you’ll know what products, services, or strategies to offer… and how to position, package, and present them in a way that offers extreme value.

Fifth, it will help you create a community, tribe, or following of people who are committed to your vision.

• • •




Influence With A Heart and Marketing With A Heart by Ben Gioia

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