My name is Ben Gioia (“joya”). I show people how to inspire more of their clients, customers, & audience — to say “yes” to their ideas, messages, products, or services — so they can make a bigger impact, make more money, and help more people.

I’m a speaker, coach, trainer, and author of the #1 bestseller Marketing With A Heart. I’ve presented to audiences around the country & worldwide (groups of 5 to conferences of 500+). I show people how to be better leaders & more influential communicators by using more empathy, story, & thought leadership.

I once received an amazing gift. During a hike in India, I escaped death 4 times in 72 hours. That gave me a profound gratitude for life. It also ignited a fire inside: to make a massive positive impact. Successes include:

• benefitting 32 million people age 50+ by helping launch one of the biggest magazines
• positioning a global brand, adding almost $1 million to founder’s bottom line
• training 126 top business leaders at Stanford University
• creating a marketing strategy for an NPO: 30% more sponsorship, 37% more members
• re-positioning a tech company to attract more socially responsible businesses
• producing magazines for Hearst and Condé Nast (on time+budget)
• facilitating an org. consolidation for The ALS Assoc. (to serve 50% of people with ALS in CA)


• Stanford University
• Right Mission, Right Money
• The University of Washington
• Conscious Capitalism Bay Area
• The ALS Association

►►► If you want to inspire more of you clients, customers, and audience to say “yes” — so you can make a bigger impact — please schedule a free consultation with me at or 347.870.6502 or

Specialties: Speaking, Keynotes (Opening & Closing), Conferences, Breakouts, Workshops, Seminars, Educational Trainings, Business or Community Events, Retreats, Onsite Meetings, Consulting / Coaching, & Media Appearances


Ben’s second book, Influence With A Heart, is available now!


This #1 best selling book offers 40+ Actionable Teaching Points, Strategies, and Case Studies so you can create greater income, influence, and impact with your business.

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