Your power and ability to influence — in a bigger way —starts by being crystal clear on your purpose. This is true for individuals and it’s true for companies, organizations, and movements.

As an individual: these 4 things happen:

1. Work can be more inspiring, fun, and fulfilling (since it’s an expression of who you are and why you’re here);

2. You get more of the right things done, faster and with less stress (since you’re committed to your dream and can accept the fact that there will be hiccups, detours, and roadblocks on the way to achieving it);

3. You increase your ability to transform people’s lives which is a win-win for everyone you touch (because you’re able to create a much more powerful connection and resonance with others); and

4. You communicate and lead more effectively.

If you’re part of a company, organization, or movement, purpose is just as important… because it provides meaning and a connection to the bigger picture (mission and vision).

As a result, these 4 things happen:

1. You (as well as your employees, colleagues, and/or team) are likely to be more productive, engaged, motivated, and happy;

2. There is better communication, better team spirit, & increased job satisfaction;

3. There is a greater understanding among different kinds of people which makes it easier to navigate conflict (because you’re all working with a shared vision); and

4. It helps create a culture of trust and engagement while inspiring innovation.

Getting clear on your purpose is a foundation of success. But it doesn’t stop there. Purpose needs to become part of the fabric of your business, organization, or movement. Like most things that are valuable in this world, it’s a matter of making it happen AND making it sustainable, so you stay focused and on the right path.

So how can you do this? Rather than using values to create alignment in your business, company, organization, or movement, I invite you to focus on principles instead.

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If you want to learn more about how you can use the power of clear purpose in your business, please reach out to me directly: ben (at)

Influence With A Heart and Marketing With A Heart by Ben Gioia

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