Hi it’s Ben,

If we’ve not yet met, I show people how to inspire more of their clients, customers, & audience — to say “yes” to their ideas, messages, products, or services.

(So they can make a bigger impact, be more successful, and help more people.)

I’m a speaker, coach, trainer, and author of two bestsellers: Marketing With A Heart and Influence With A Heart. I show people how to be better leaders & more influential communicators by using more empathy, story, & thought leadership.

If this is something that resonates and you’re looking for a coach, I invite you to schedule some peaceful, stress-free time (by clicking here)  for a free consultation with me to see if what I offer will help you.

I offer a powerful, effective, results-based program that I think you just might love.

If we’re a good fit for each other, here are the 7 areas that you and I will focus on:

1. Clarity

• Identify, cultivate, and refine your strengths so you can make them grow while celebrating and building on your successes.
• Navigate the business landscape (ups, downs, and everything-in-between) with grace and flexibility.
• Process / schedule / timeline. Learn how to prioritize, question, act, respond, and make the right decisions so you can stay on track.
• Get (and stay) the focused on the things that matter most, both day to day and for the longer term.

2. Connection

• Clarify who you help and how you help them so you can find even more people like them (to become your clients, customers, colleagues, or audience).
• Articulate your purpose and weave that into all of your communication… so you can get people excited about who you are, what you’re about, and how you’re going to make a positive impact in their business or life. Or both.
• Connect the dots: from what people need…. to what you can offer them… to the value you deliver.
• Energize people with your vivid vision of the future and show them a way to get there.

• Present yourself as an accessible, trustworthy expert, authority, or leader and a go-to person in your field of expertise.
• Articulate your “special sauce” so you position yourself or your organization as a thought leader.
• Capture and articulate the right combinations of:
——> your signature story, “mess-to-success” moments, etc.;
——> case studies, anecdotes, detours, and accomplishments;
——> your purpose, guiding principles, and how you help make transformation and results happen (like nobody else).

4. Communication

• Understand the psychology of influence and how to apply it ethically in all of your communications and leadership, so more people get on your list, follow you on social media, refer you to others, and call you for an appointment.
• Choose the best ways to promote your content through your website, email, social media, and other marketing channels.
• Make your messaging clear, articulate, and aligned with who you are and what you’re about, so your information — whether an idea, a product, a vision, a service and benefits, a discovery session, or a lesson — will reach more people and be more impactful.

5. Content

Depending on your needs I’ll guide you in creating, updating, or refining the right combination of the following — so you can turn up the volume” in all your communications and marketing — to inspire trust, authority, and credibility on your website, LinkedIn profile, messaging, social media and in your highest leverage, money making product / service.

• your website language, LinkedIn summary, and tagline
• other social media (appropriate to your business)
• your core framework, strategy, and content
• your ”elevated” elevator pitch
• your optin content, white paper, or free report
• a simple, direct, effective sales funnel / “conversation series” of emails
• language, concepts, and strategy that you can use for your webinar, speech, training, basis for your book, and/or discovery call.

6. Collaboration

There is no such thing as success without other people. Who can help you be more effective and more profitable by supporting you in areas that you are weak and complement you in areas that you shine? Which people might give you new business opportunities?

7. Cash Flow

• Focusing on the right day to day and week to week activities to help you reach your goals.
• Selecting the right tools to attract more client, deliver more value, and earn more money.
• Identifying the right pricing strategies and partnering opportunities.
• Integrating complementary products, services, and offerings (if appropriate).

• Schedule time with Ben here.

We will choose from those seven areas to work through during weekly 75 minute phone calls (all calls will be recorded for your reference). We will never be able to cover all the areas all the time; rather, they just give us potential places to focus on depending on what you personally need most.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!


Ben Gioia


P.S. Schedule time with me here.