Please enjoy my interview with Nancy Ferrari!


1. the 3 elements of my framework to succeed in business:

• Empathy

• Story (your special sauce)

• Thought Leadership

2. the importance of being crystal clear on your purpose and honoring your truth/self

3. why principles and values are different and why this is so important to understand the distinction (hint: focus on principles)

Listen by clicking here.


In addition, I talk about the importance of mindfulness and being present to what you’re doing… and how it’s such a game changer.

(And a special bonus too!)

I love being on Nancy’s show… what an amazing, engaged host!

She’s not just one to ask great questions, but she makes me think about my own stuff differently, more expansively. And it’s always a treat when an interviewer actually reads your book.

I hope you enjoy!

And please feel free to share your insights.


Influence With A Heart and Marketing With A Heart by Ben Gioia

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