This is an amazing time in history. Entrepreneurs, organizations, visionaries, and leaders are helping to move humanity forward and enhance life for everyone.


To make this happen, they’re creating and growing amazing businesses, movements, and positive social change. They’re making an impact, worldwide. And they’re making an impact, one-to-one.


• Now imagine if every one of these entrepreneurs, organizations, visionaries, and leaders—could quickly and easily—learn how to be more influential, so they could reach more people, create more response, and achieve more results.


• Imagine if each one of these people had more power…to help more people say “yes” to their ideas, message, products, and services.


• Imagine if each one of these people could “turn up the volume” on their impact, so they can help one, or 10, or 10,000 more people…


• This will create an exponential paradigm shift that will move humanity forward and make life better for everyone.


That’s what Influence With A Heart is all about.


That’s where I come in.


I teach people how to use more influence, thought leadership, empathy, and story so they can make a bigger impact.

Influence With A Heart Framework by Ben Gioia

Here’s why and how it works:




1. It gives you the opportunity to see the world through another person’s eyes.


2.You’ll understand and have compassion for their fears, frustrations, needs, desires, aspirations, goals, and dreams.


3. It’s what makes people realize that you’re an accessible expert/authority/leader who’s “just like them”.


4. You’ll know how you can help, what language to use for effective marketing and communication, and how to deliver powerful, transformative value that will change their business or their life…and inspire them to tell others about you.




1. It gives other people the opportunity to see the world through your eyes. It gets’s everyone on the same page. It’s perfect for building rapport.


2. It’s why people know you, like you, trust you, and want to develop an ongoing relationship with you.


3. It’s how you connect—both who you are and what you offer—to the outcomes that people want. And to do it in a way that benefits everyone in the mix.


4. Your stories are a key ingredient in your “secret sauce”: your years of experience, education, failures, triumphs, insights, investment, wisdom, time, energy, effort, talent…and everything in between.




1. It gives you the opportunity for positioning yourself as a reliable source of information, insight, and a go-to person in your industry or field.


2. It helps you inspire more people with innovative ideas and perspectives.


3. It shows that you’re successful, can replicate that success, and that you can teach others how to be successful too.


4. Thought leadership is how you’re known for making a difference in your business, organizations, and / or in your world.


In a nutshell: when you communicate with more influence (more empathy, story, and thought leadership) you will inspire more people and make a bigger impact.


Because more people will say “yes” to your ideas, vision, message, products, and / or services…whether it’s your clients, customers, audience, colleagues, partners, employees, stakeholders, team, community, and / or the media.


And here’s what happens next:


1. Whether you are face-to-face, in a meeting, networking, writing an email, or speaking to an audience…more people will say yes to you.

• More people will take action. More people will have the opportunity to have their business or life transformed by what you offer.


2. What people experience when they read your LinkedIn summary, or click on your About page, or read on your homepage will position you as an expert, authority, or thought leader who people know, like, and trust.

• When they invest in your training, service, product, or program—or get behind you and your vision—people will believe in you and the benefit of what you offer…there’s more “buy-in”…which makes them even more inspired and committed to everyone’s success.


3. Whether you’re communicating with 1, 10, or 10,000 people, it works. When you’re online, onstage, or on the phone, it works.

• Empathy, story, and thought leadership is what connects people to each other and builds a bridge from your vision—to their goals and dreams—so everyone will benefit from the unique gifts that you bring to the world.


And these people will become your fans, clients, tribe, customers, community, referral network, affiliate partners, and more—bringing a flood of new and repeat business to your door—so you can make an even bigger impact!



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