1. Position the global brand Right Mission, Right Money and help add almost $1 million to the founder’s bottom line. (The program trains 100s of social entrepreneurs and consultants in how to monetize their message and help more people.)

2. Launch one of the biggest magazines in the world (AARP The Magazine (32 million circ.) AARP is a lobbying group in the US that helps protect against discrimination against older people in employment, pensions housing, and healthcare.

3. Train 126 top business leaders at Stanford University in influential communication, leadership, and team engagement. (Audience members earned six- and seven-figure annual incomes.) Teach an audience of global business leaders about empathy and story at the University of Washington. (The Director of Education for the largest university system in China was in the audience.)

4. Create the marketing strategy for a San Francisco nonprofit during Phase 2 of its launch. (This increased membership by 37% and sponsorship by 30%.)

5. Facilitate an organizational consolidation for The ALS Association between the Los Angeles and San Francisco chapters. (By combining two Chapters, the organization could now serve 50% of the people in California with Lou Gehrig’s disease.)

6. Guide a boutique technology company in rebranding and repositioning to attract more social impact business (Bay Area and Silicon Valley). (The company has helped UCSF Medical Center improve healthcare delivery for people living with AIDS while cutting costs. They’ve also created technology that helps farmers navigate drought conditions irrigate their crops for best results.)

7. Help a high-end executive coach take her business online and attract major clients such as Cisco, Twitter, and NASA.

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