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Ben Gioia (“joya”) is 2X bestselling author and international speaker who’s positioned global thought leaders, shifted culture at a Fortune 100, created a mindfulness video game, and inspires leadership that serves humanity. Ben founded the Influence With A Heart™ Movement, a wisdom-based approach to leadership & impact that’s used by more than 20,000 people.
Ben launched one of the biggest magazines on Earth, transformed the experience of people with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and trains executives and leaders at Stanford. Once while trekking in India (& almost dying), Ben received a gift: a fire inside to serve. So today he partners with thought leaders, organizations, consultants & coaches to bring their ideas, vision, & message to the world.


• A Fortune 100
• Stanford University
• The ALS Association
• Conscious Capitalism Bay Area
• The U of Washington

Mindfulness & service are central for Ben: 100+ days of silent meditation, 3 years volunteering at hospice, teaching English to Tibetan refugees, & getting an award for his “Mindfulness For People With ALS”. Ben shares 10% of revenues with organizations who are making a difference.
Ben’s talks, books, and trainings will help guide you in 1) positioning yourself as the thought leader you truly are; 2) influencing the culture(s) you’re in, and 3) becoming a more mindful leader. What Ben teaches is proven, practical, and profitable… whether you’re face to face, online, onstage, or on the phone.
►►► If you want to position yourself as a thought leader, influence the culture you’re in, or be a more mindful leader, schedule a free consultation with Ben at or ben (at)

OFFERING: Speaking, Keynotes (Opening/Closing), Training, Consulting, Coaching, Conferences, Breakouts, Workshops, Seminars, Business/Community Events, Retreats, Onsite Meetings & Media Appearances 
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