Introducing Ben Gioia ('joya')...

Ben Gioia ("joya") is a three time, best-selling author who makes it easy to write a high quality, #1 best selling book—in just 5 weeks.

With 35 years of print and digital publishing, Ben is the creator of The Influence With A Heart® Method.

It's the best way to position yourself for 10 times more influence by writing a book that helps more people.

Ben helped a Fortune 100 company shift culture, trained leaders at Stanford, launched the world's biggest magazine (AARP), and created a video game with MIT to elevate employee resilience and customer experience.

Ben's teachings are used by over 37,000 people around the world. The Buddha Smile (his signature talk) shows people how to quit suffering now.


On the stage — and around the world — you’ll experience Ben showing people how to quit suffering now (which he calls ‘The Buddha Smile’).

In a former life, Ben helped improve quality of life for people with ALS (i.e., Stephen Hawking, Lou Gehrig), was a hospice volunteer, and won an award for Innovative patient service from The ALS Association.

While trekking in India (facing death 4 times), Ben received a gift: a fire inside to serve. And that's what he does...
Lovingkindness & service are important to Ben: 119+ days of silent meditation, 3 years as hospice volunteer, teaching English to Tibetan refugees, and receiving an award for Innovative Patient Services from The ALS Association.

Ben shares 10% of his revenues with people and organizations that are making a difference.


• A Fortune 100
• The ALS Association
• Condé Nast
• Conscious Capitalism Bay Area
• Hearst
• Philosopher's Camp
• Speakers Who Dare
• Stanford University
• U. of Washington

►►► If you’re a speaker, coach, consultant or leader with a big idea — and want to bring your book to the world, make it #1, and position & publish your book in just 3 months — connect here: or 347.870.6502 or [email protected]

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