• Do you want an easy, step-by-step, day-by-day, decision-free roadmap — for writing/finishing your book (that fits into your day, your schedule, and your life?)

Do you want to position yourself as a credible expert with a powerful, meaningful book (so you can start getting clients and impacting more people… even before you’re published)?

• Is now YOUR TIME to rocket-ship your authority and make a bigger impact — without getting derailed by all "the stuff" that stops most people?

("STUFF" like getting started, lack of time, fear, doubt, 'imposter syndrome,’ 'writer's block', where to start, shame, ‘lack of discipline’, over-thinking, 
self-sabotage, self-judgment, what to actually write, lack of 
self-worth, ‘monkey mind, ’overwhelm, confusion, your inner critic, 
and/or that feeling of, ‘it’s so much bigger than me!’)
Here's How It Works

Get Your Book Done (in as little as 5 weeks) — Here's how to bring your book to the world — for instant credibility, authority, and visibility — and you don’t even have to write every day!

Get Clients From Conversations About Your Book — and make a bigger impact — before your book is published! — As you begin your course, you will implement a simple, step-by-step, scripted, proven way to speak with people about your book and start getting leads, referrals, and clients, even before you're published!

Get Happy and Write: How To Let Go Overthinking, Overwhelm, and Other "Stuff" That Keeps People Stuck — No matter the thoughts, feelings, emotions, inner dialogues, fears, and doubts ... there is one simple way to navigate all of it. (You will learn this one tool, right away in the course... and it will change your life!)

Plug-and-Play, Easy-To-Follow Blueprint For Your Book — Get your book done with this easy-to-follow blueprint. You'll know exactly what to write — and why — for each section of your book. (This means is that you minimize decision making and save your brain & energy for your content!)

Stay On Track Automatically and Triple Your Progress + Productivity + Insight — Get your book done (quick, calm & chill... with time for self care) — AND save time with smart scheduling that cultivates your best ideas, intuition, and insight. (This means that you're "working" on your book even while you're asleep!

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