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“I had a session with Ben recently focused on trying to help me see patterns amidst the many things I do - to simplify my offers down to some common core themes. He was a great listener & value-reflector and had helpful insights that have accelerated my quest for a cleaner, crisper brand. 

“He also helped remind me (as I seem to have to learn over and over again) that having a good pitch is about making a relevant connection into the worlds & needs of those I’m speaking to.”

— Leif Hansen, CEO Spark Interaction: Speaker, Trainer & Authentic Leadership Facilitator

—Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor
Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant

"Ben Gioia has been pivotal in helping me to rebrand and reposition my business. His guidance helped me discover my "secret sauce" and then use it as part of my marketing, language for my website and LinkedIn, and in my presentations. 

“His strategies also helped us attract more socially responsible clientele, which has been my goal. I'm delighted with the increase in business and that I'm working with bigger clients.

“It’s a delight to do projects we love with people that are creating positive social impact and good in the world." 

— (design firm, in San Francisco, CA)

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The Thought Leadership Overhaul™ Mastermind & Group Coaching

Outcomes & Benefits For You

1. position yourself as a unique thought leader in the minds and hearts of the people you serve;

2. bring your gifts to life so you can influence the people around you;

3. spark powerful connections: whether you’re face-to-face, onstage, online, or on the phone;   

4. make your mark in the world, so it’s aligned with who you are and what you stand for; and 

5. invite more people to say YES(!) to your ideas, vision, message, product, service, or movement.

—Catherine Goerz
PR, Marketing & Branding Maven
Global Tech and Communications for

—George H. Schofield, PhD
Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker, Author
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