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Individuals, companies and organizations LOVE how ben guides them in discovering how to articulate the true value of what they offer, so they can bring in 2X-5X-10X more money while providing a deeper level of transformation and a bigger impact.

This is one of Ben’s superpowers: helping you create and elevate your presentation as a high-integrity thought leader in your market, industry, or field. Apply here if you want to position yourself as one-of-a-kind, so you can attract more of the right client, collaborations, and opportunities.

Case Study: Using Business For Good

A San Francisco nonprofit (a local Chapter of a national organization) needed help during Phase 2 of its launch. The company helps bring proven profitable, conscious business practices to organizations and leaders (Bay Area and Silicon Valley).

The company was facing a challenge: how to quickly and effectively scale their membership and sponsorship numbers and put themselves “on the map” in the conscious business space… in a way that makes them unique AND positions them to complement other like-minded organizations (products and services).

By working directly with the board, I created a relationship marketing and communications strategy that helped position the organization as a thought leader. We identified the right partnering opportunities, new ways of delivering value, and building networks. Through live events (with a range of topics, taught by an array of experts), we built a loyal, diverse community.

The strategies & system for both communications & marketing increased membership by 37% and sponsorship by 30%, created the revenue stream to begin hiring staff, and positively influenced the strategic actions of the national, parent organization.
CASE STUDY: Pivoting and Positioning a Tech Company

A boutique tech company wanted to attract more businesses with positive social impact. The founder also wanted more time to volunteer, by teaching.

The company was known for an app that helps California wine growers reduce water usage and costs. They created technology for a healthcare system to improve services for people with AIDS (50 states).

Through collaborative exploration, interviews, and capturing stories, I guided the founder in identifying and clarifying the new positioning which created two client pipelines: 1) leaders/decision makers; and 2) developers.

Although two different markets, they wanted the same outcomes. They just spoke about them differently. As a result, we adapted marketing and communications to effectively accommodate these insights while presenting the founder as a thought leader.

We transformed his entire website, LinkedIn summary & tagline, social media descriptions, elevator pitch, optin content, email sequence, discovery call script, and began developing a product.

New business is already coming in via both pipelines and the founder has just been asked to teach at a big tech event in San Francisco.
 —Steve Havill, CEO, Change Agent
Conscious Business Consultant
Certified High Performance Coach
SNAPSHOT: Shifting Organizational Culture

A Fortune 100 company requested innovative mindfulness, empathy, & communication training for 16,000+ employees. Goal: to shift organizational culture through happier employees and better customer experience using a videogame, virtual reality, and manager-led training... leading to a whole new communication style and individual awareness throughout the organization.

Launch one of the biggest magazines in the world (AARP The Magazine 32 million circ.) AARP is a lobbying group in the US that helps protect against discrimination against older people in employment, pensions housing, and healthcare.
SNAPSHOT: Influence, Income, and Impact

Position the global brand Right Mission, Right Money and help add almost $1 million to the founder’s bottom line.
SNAPSHOT: U of Washington, Seattle

Teach an audience of global business leaders about empathy and story at the University of Washington. (The Director of Education for the largest university system in China was in the audience.)
SNAPSHOT: Executive Coach

Help an executive coach take her business online and continue to attract more clients such as Cisco, Twitter, 
and NASA.
SNAPSHOT: The ALS Association (Lou Gehrig’s disease (Stephen Hawking too)

Facilitate an organizational consolidation for The ALS Association between the Los Angeles and San Francisco chapters. (By combining two Chapters, the organization could now serve 50% of the people in California with Lou Gehrig’s disease.)

—Amit Satsangi, MBA
Unravelling the Growth Story
Hidden In Your Customer Data

—Dr. Ebony Utley
Creator of Lovelines™ (communication app)
Professor, California State University

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