Position, Publish, and Launch Your Book 
with Ben & Chris!
As Chris & JetLaunch are publishing your book, your 7 (MOST IMPORTANT) Key Positioning Currencies (KPC) with Ben...

This includes:

1. LinkedIn Summary and Tagline — Since LinkedIn is the first place people go to check you out. Between your 140-character tagline and your 1985-character summary (approx. 250 words), you have only a few seconds to attract, connect, and engage. Make sure you're a ‘Category of One’ so people choose you. Otherwise, they (literally) have thousands of other options at their fingertips.

2. Your “Elevated” Elevator Pitch — Because, when you meet new people, don't make them run away! Nobody wants to be “sold," yet people do want solutions. Here's where you connect who you are and what you offer to what this person needs so they say YES to you.

3. Going Live: Your Short Introduction About You — Because when you're on a podcast, speaking from the stage, or being interviewed on TV, you want to position yourself right by choosing what people say about you. So give THEM the introduction YOU want them to share. (Pro tip: make sure to have 100, 75, and 50-word versions available that are clear, powerful, and compelling.)

4. How to Identify and Use Your “Special Sauce” to Position Yourself Like Nobody Else — Because you’re not the only person who does what you do. People choose you because of your special sauce. These are your years of experience, education, triumphs, anecdotes, credentials, mishaps, insights, investment, wisdom, time, energy, effort, talent—and everything between. (This is why people will pay more for you.)

5. How to Choose Your Best Stories That Connect to Your Clients — Because stories help people know you, like you, trust you, and want to develop an ongoing relationship with you. When you use stories, more people say yes because they allow you to create an almost instant rapport with your audience, listener, or reader.

6.How To Create an “Expertise Framework” — Make it Simple for People to say YES(!) to you by talking about your stuff clearly, simply, and so that can fit on the back of a cocktail napkin. (This is great for networking, events, and chatting with the new person you just met.)

7. How to Legitimately Articulate 10X the Value of What You Offer — so you can help more people, make more money, and make a bigger impact!

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