Concierge, Comprehensive, 
Full Service Publishing 
(with no b.s.)
Implementation MASTERMIND
(Comprehensive Writing / Publishing / Positioning / Profiting / Partnering)

This is the best, most comprehensive way to get your high-quality book done — then publish, position,  profit, and launch — so you can create the freedom, life, and impact you want! You own all of your intellectual property. Everything is under your account.

This comprehensive solution includes:

1. Concierge, comprehensive, award-winning, and full-service publishing
• Kickoff strategy call with the Publisher plus Publishing Manager to stay on track.
• Three(3) book editors plus best keywords and best categories.
• Book Launch Playbook — custom plan for launching right (soft AND bestseller).

2. Core message rebranding
• Magnetic Introduction (for intros: stage, radio, email, podcasts, and TV).
• LinkedIn about & tagline, website about, book description, social media about.

3. 1,000 profitable partnerships
• Identifying and connecting with your best people over a strategic 30-days (done for you).

Not only do you get Ben as your coach and strategist, you also get a Publisher with more than 130+ partnerships who’s done more than 12,000 books!

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""My book is #1 and in addition to being a dream come true that it’s done, it’s also finally a book that shares who I am with the world! Thank you Ben!"
 Consultant, Facilitator: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
Racial Equity, Member: Evolutionary Business Council
Successes Include a 5-Figure Fee workshop and Speaking At Google!
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