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No one lights up a room like Ben Gioia (“joya”) — a guy who faced death 4 times in India… and brings this powerful wisdom into everything he teaches.

Ben will your help audience stay inspired long after the event!

He addresses audiences all around the world — from Sydney to San Francisco, Johannesburg to New York, Washington to Singapore.

Wherever he goes, inspiration & big shifts happen.

His engaging mix of game-changing, business smarts — plus real-life stories — keeps people listening to every word. And his presentation style inspires & delights every audience! 

Not only did Ben Gioia face death, 4 times on a hike in India (and live to share his story). He’s taken that wisdom and shared it with individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide.

Shifting thinking for the last 23 years, Ben is also founded the Influence With A Heart™ Movement: a wisdom-based approach to mindful leadership & empathetic communication.

Ben is an internationally acclaimed, in-demand speaker who addresses diverse audiences from vitamin companies, healthcare nonprofits, global MBA programs… and from socially responsible businesses, to entrepreneurial retreats & leadership events around the globe.

He brings a unforgettable presence & energy to the stage every time, for every event!

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Ben Gioia created a video game Fortune 100 company about mindfulness, empathy, and systems thinking.

He launched one of the world's biggest magazines, improved quality of life for 50% of with ALS (i.e. Stephen Hawking) in California, & trains global business leaders at Stanford.

Ben was a hospice volunteer for 3 years, sat 110+ days of silent meditation (so far), taught English to Tibetan refugees, and won an award for his “Mindfulness For People With ALS”.

Ben is the author of two bestselling books:

How To Be A Better Leader and Communicator by 

Using More Empathy, Story, and Thought Leadership

How To Use Trust Based Marketing
For Greater Income, Influence, and Impact

—James Malinchak
Featured on the ABC Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
The World’s #1 Speaker Trainer

—Ann Powell, Director, Responsive Edit
Former Managing Editor of AARP The Magazine
(One of the largest in the world (circulation 32 million))

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