"I was tasked by a Fortune 100 company to find a consultant on the topic of empathy & customer experience. While my search yielded tens of candidates, I was fortunate enough to find Ben. His greatest quality is that he listens to, and understands the needs of his clients. Later, I hired Ben to help me fine tune my own message as a business consultant. 
His clear and organized communication skills were a major factor, not only in helping me, but also in helping my clients achieve their goals. If you hire Ben for his expertise, you will appreciate every moment.”
—Farzad Wafapoor
Apps and Video for Business & Learning (and)
Former Consultant: Liberty Mutual
“Balancing my goals as a professor and entrepreneur can be challenging. Thanks so much, Ben, for your advice. The practical strategies that you offered were suited to me, and for that I am grateful. Rather than offering a cookie cutter approach, you gave me actionable recommendations that support both what I’m doing now, and what I want to do in the future.”
—Dr. Ebony Utley
Creator of Lovelines™ (communication app)
Professor, California State University
“Ben offered a wise, listening ear when I was faced with an unexpected opportunity to transform my personal brand and take my business in a new direction.
“His thoughtful questions and insightful feedback crystallized what my intuition had been telling me – to fully align my professional skills and expertise with my personal mission to be a force for good and catalyze meaningful positive change. Inspired by Ben’s coaching, I am ready to dive in and make a big impact!”
—Cathy Goerz
Strategic Communications Advisor: Storyteller, Connector, Social Catalyst,
Facilitator, and Movement Builder
San Francisco, CA
“I met Ben Gioia when he was the Marketing Director for the Bay Area Conscious Capitalism chapter. I knew his heart was in the right place. There was a sense of sincerity and authenticity about him that inspired me to seek out his guidance. I was repurposing my business and wanted to get his take on being truly conscious about it. His ideas were lucid, strategic and insightful, all focused on helping me communicate my vision, thinking bigger and keeping a keen eye on my customers’ needs and concerns. Something in particular really stuck. An idea he had for illuminating my “secret sauce.”
—Leslie Lawton
MOBILIZE YOUR VISION: Inspired Branding, Web & Mobile
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Content Marketing, Strategy
“I have had the good fortune of knowing Ben for several years, and I can unhesitatingly say that he is the “real deal”. Ben applies the same principles of honesty, empathy, and authenticity (while offering a powerful skillset) whether he’s helping a client deliver their product or service, coaching someone on reshaping their career, or helping people articulate and bring their message to the world.
“I have benefited immensely from Ben’s ideas and guidance about open communication, ethical influence, thought leadership, and building trust with my intended audience by sharing personal and professional stories.”
—Amit Satsangi, MBA
Unravelling the Growth Story
Hidden In Your Customer Data (Analytics)
“I asked Ben to help with the launch of my ebook, and my only wish is that I had contacted him sooner! His expertise and wealth of ideas let me know I was in very good hands, and his empathetic, down-to-earth nature put me immediately at ease. Working with Ben demystified my marketing, while reassuring me that I don’t have to do it all alone! I will absolutely call him the next time I launch a new offering, and I enthusiastically recommend that other holistic entrepreneurs do the same!”
Mikki Baloy Davis, Shamanic Healer,
Intuitive, and Teacher
Pleasantville, NY
“Marketing with a Heart” is what resonated initially. The name tells me about you as an individual and how you approach marketing, the type of projects you work on, etc. Your background with nonprofits was important as many of my clients are nonprofits. Your calm, quiet, gentle manner is very helpful. Some marketing folks are all hype, excess energy and “blare.” Your calm demeanor is greatly appreciated.”
Judy Whalen, Founder and CEO
Brooklyn, WI
“Working with you helped to create a bigger vision of my professionals goals and to see how my services could best be accessed by the public through the use of specific technologies and format. *I think you are an extremely skilled listener and possess great sensitivity in interpersonal interactions and the dialogue process which allows you to grasp the direction the client is going and to delve deeper into their true vision by asking the right questions.”
Sonia Perel
Yoga Therapist
San Rafael, CA
—Sameer Rhydan, Proofpoint
Co-Founder: BayApp Festival

—James Malinchak
Featured on the ABC Hit TV Show,
“Secret Millionaire”
The World’s #1 Speaker Trainer
Founder, BigMoneySpeaker.com
Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor
Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant
Tim Skjellerup
Americas Leading Learning Ambassador
Author of Maximize Your College Experience
Sauquoit, NY
Charles Van Kessler
Consumer Advocate, Movational Speaker
Arsen Marsoobian aka “Papa SOOB”, Owner of SOOB Enterprises
Author, Speaker,
Life Insurance Professional, Business Coach
Fresno, CA
Jermaine Henry, Co-Founder / Visionary of IBLV Music Helps
Rap Artist / Child & Youth Worker
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
“I have never been one to really care much about marketing and branding, and honestly, I’ve always thought of people who do as the “enemy” to what I’m about. After reading a bit about Ben Gioia’s “Marketing with a Heart”, my ideas on that started to change. After talking with Ben for an hour, he actually got me excited about branding and packaging my ideas, and that’s quite a feat!
“He is filling an important niche, and I truly believe he can help many people who have good ideas brand and package those ideas for distribution on a larger scale. On top of that, Ben really cares about people.
Kathleen L. Keller, PhD
Mark T. Greenberg Professor for the Study of Children’s Health and Development
Assistant Professor in the Department(s) of Nutritional Sciences and Food Science
at The Pennsylvania State University,
Director of the Metabolic Kitchen and Children’s Eating Behavior Laboratory.
Bellefonte, PA
“What resonates the most with me about Ben is his heartfelt and patient approach, blended with skillful coaching aimed at achieving results. Ben offers an array of ideas, resources and a strategic plan that gives traction to your vision while staying connected to the heart of your business.”
Annette Segal, CEO and Founder
The Valiant Group
Oakland, CA
“Starting a new business or project is hard, at any age, but it was/is especially daunting for me, because I had worked for corporations for 30+ years. Going out of my comfort zone meant taking risks, and it was great to have Ben to bounce ideas off of because friends and family are not objective. Ben gave me useful tools and ways to think about what services I had to offer and how I could position my services/businesses in a marketable way.”
Ann Powell, Director
Responsive Edit
Brooklyn, NY
Work as a private psychotherapist can be very isolating. The coaching helped to keep me motivated and inspired while also prompting me to have a long term vision for my business and myself.”
Renee Elizabeth, LCSW
Private Practice and
Lead Mental Health Therapist
Department of Veterans Affairs
Palo Alto Health Care System
San Francisco Bay Area
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