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Praise From Rome About Influence With A Heart

"As a digital marketing consultant and business coach, I read many books on business, marketing, leadership, and persuasion and it's very hard to find something that really impresses me like Ben Gioia's book did.   “The author took the well-known key principles...

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Thought Leadership Is Influence In Action

Thought leadership is an interesting term. Lots of people use it. Lots of people claim that they are “thought leaders.” Lots of people define it in lots of different ways. For me — thought leadership is influence in action — and a key component of your story.   I...

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Conscious Millionaire

I was recently interviewed on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast about how to build your business coaching and consulting practice (with a heart), so you can make a bigger impact. I’m honored to be included with guests such as Chris Brogan, John Gray, Sharon Lechter,...

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