Why wait? Get leads, clients, and partners BEFORE you're published — or even finished — so you can make a bigger impact (thanks to a book you're proud of)!

Did you know?

Your Book Could Be Done In Just 5 Weeks!

Are you ready to turn your knowledge, know-how, and talent into more income and impact?

Introducing The Influence With A Heart® Method

  • Do you want an easy, step-by-step, day-by-day, decision-free roadmap — for writing/finishing your book (that fits into your day, your schedule, and your life?)
  • Do you want to position yourself as a credible expert with a powerful, meaningful book (so you can start getting clients and impacting more people… even before you’re published)?
  • Is now YOUR TIME to rocket-ship your authority and make a bigger impact - without getting derailed by all "the stuff" that stops most people?

Here's How It Works

  • Get Your Book Done (in as little as 5 weeks)! Here's how to bring your book to the world — for instant credibility, authority, and visibility — and you don’t even have to write every day!
  • Get Clients and Partners From Conversations About Your Book so you can make a bigger impact before your book is published! It's a step-by-step, scripted, proven way to start getting leads, referrals, and clients, even before you're finished!
  • Let Go Overthinking, Overwhelm, and the Other "Stuff" That Keeps Most People Stuck! No matter the thoughts, feelings, emotions, inner dialogues, fears, and doubts ... there is one simple way to navigate all of it. (You will learn this one tool, right away in the course... and it will change your life!)
  • Use a Plug-and-Play, Easy-To-Follow Blueprint For Your Book! You'll know exactly what to write so you can minimize decision-making and save your brain and energy for your content!
  • Do You Know About The Champagne Glass Pyramid? You'll have a year's worth of marketing plus 80% of the content for a podcast or course done, automatically, all thanks to your book

Hey it's Ben, Your Book Coach!

📚 "G.M. got 6-figure consulting!" 💙 "Google is paying A. to speak!" 📚 "M. got a 5-figure fee BEFORE the book was done!" 💙

Thanks to the Influence With A Heart® Method, Ben Gioia's clients write great books in as little as 5 weeks, enjoy 5-figure speaking fees, and attract 6-figure consulting. (That’s even BEFORE publishing!) Ben teaches leaders, consultants, and game-changers how to make 6- or 7-figures without selling a single book!

He is the ONLY book coach who starts the writing process with proven business development (that attracts revenue). (And includes concierge publishing and a custom launch strategy.)

Ben is a 4X, int’l, bestseller, podcast, and radio host. His teachings are used by more than 80,000 people around the world. He’s trained 100s of millionaires and helped a Fortune 100 create a mindfulness and empathy video game for 20,000 employees. Ben started writing when he was 12, helped launch the world’s largest magazine (AARP), and won a patient services award from The ALS Association.

People often ask me, "Ben, how do I stand out so I can make a bigger impact with my message—and have the freedom and lifestyle I want?"

My answer starts with these words from our wise friend Abe:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

– Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

I would add one important (extra) bit of wisdom...

"Make sure you're chopping down the right tree!"

That's why I created The Influence With A Heart® Method.

The Influence With A Heart® Method allows for deep work, deep rest, and time to enjoy your life... all writing/finishing a (soon-to-be) bestselling, high-quality book that you're proud of. Not only that, it's also a cornerstone for the success & impact you make with your business.

I've spent the last 16 years integrating the best tools, strategies, and practices for writing, finishing, and publishing a stellar book. This unique approach works for me. It works for my clients. It's proven, repeatable, and leads to consistent (often epic) outcomes.

Let me say it again: it's a proven method.

So as long as you stick to the plan, ask questions, and follow my guidance it will absolutely work for you!

I'm on a mission to help you make the good choices that bring high-ticket clients and profitable opportunities—instead of losing dozens of years and millions of dollars.

Are you ready to get your book done?

5 WEEK BOOK MASTERY came to life in an unexpected way. Before his 2nd book, Ben was asked to train 126 leaders at Stanford.

So he had to get it done in 5 weeks! Why? To give everyone in audience an autographed book.

As a result, he was invited to speak several more times at Stanford. Plus, the audience invited Ben to deliver two talks in Australia. Then a Fortune 100 company gave Ben a 10-month consulting contract!

What will your book do for you?

ROI RIGHT NOW is how you guarantee your book will work. Not to mention creating more impact, attracting revenue, and developing partnerships—before you're published.

You'll know exactly how to speak to your ideal clients about your book—before it's finished—so you know exactly what to write.

You'll have an exact outline for your book so you know exactly what goes where.

We'll dial in your core messaging—so you can have clear, consistent branding and aligned language—across all your channels.


most comprehensive way — to write/finish, publish, and launch your high-quality book (and position yourself as a unique expert with your message) — so you can create the freedom, life, and impact you want!

This includes: 1) business

development; 2) book writing; 3) getting leads, clients & partners before you’re published; 4) top-notch editing & full-service publishing, 5) launching & becoming a bestseller; 6) monetizing; 7) global distribution; and 8) unsurpassed support.

Will your book actually work?

Find out with the Book Success Assessment (so you can save years of time and millions of dollars).

What People Are Saying About Ben Gioia (“joya”) and the Influence With A Heart® Method

“I have never been one to really care much about marketing and branding, and honestly, I’ve always thought of people who do as the “enemy” to what I’m about. After talking with Ben for an hour, he actually got me excited about branding and packaging my ideas, and that’s quite a feat!.

“He is filling an important niche, and I truly believe he can help many people who have good ideas brand and package those ideas for distribution on a larger scale. On top of that, Ben really cares about people.

—Kathleen L. Keller, PhD

Mark T. Greenberg Professor for the Study of Children’s Health and Development, Assistant Professor in the Department(s) of Nutritional Sciences and Food Science at The Pennsylvania State University, Director of the Metabolic Kitchen and Children’s Eating Behavior Laboratory.

Bellefonte, PA

“What resonates the most with me about Ben is his heartfelt and patient approach, blended with skillful coaching aimed at achieving results. Ben offers an array of ideas, resources and a strategic plan that gives traction to your vision while staying connected to the heart of your business.”

—Annette Segal, CEO and Founder

The Valiant Group

Oakland, CA

“Starting a new business or project is hard, at any age, but it was/is especially daunting for me, because I had worked for corporations for 30+ years. Going out of my comfort zone meant taking risks, and it was great to have Ben to bounce ideas off of because friends and family are not objective. Ben gave me useful tools and ways to think about what services I had to offer and how I could position my services/businesses in a marketable way.”




“Work as a private psychotherapist can be very isolating. The coaching helped to keep me motivated and inspired while also prompting me to have a long term vision for my business and myself.”

—Renee Elizabeth, LCSW

Private Practice and

Lead Mental Health Therapist

Department of Veterans Affairs

Palo Alto Health Care System

San Francisco Bay Area

— Nicola Grace

The Mission Mentor

Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant


— Tim Skjellerup

Americas Leading Learning Ambassador

Author of Maximize Your College Experience

Sauquoit, NY

"Ben, thanks again for all your help in getting my book published! It went live today and your insight was invaluable. Your input and edits were a great boon and really helped me in the way I approached telling the story.

— Ralph Miller

Author of Christ Lives in You: Christian Meditation So Christ May Dwell In Your Heart

"... hard to find something that really impresses me like Ben's book does."

“I read many books on business, marketing, leadership, and influence and it's very hard to find something that really impresses me like Ben Gioia's book does. I'm so glad he's teaching this!”

—Giuseppe Fratoni

Strategic Marketing for Attorneys, Consultants, and

Professionals Who Want To Grow A Sustainable Practice

"I have my positioning and messaging in place. Thank you, Ben!"

“Working with Ben is a treat. He brings a calm assurance, inspiring vision, and powerful strategic awareness to our work together. I see how to talk about what I offer/who I am/why it's unique in a clear, potent framework that I can communicate consistently with ease to my target audience. Because of this, I have my positioning and messaging in place. Thank you, Ben!”

— Jennifer Freeman

BIG Picture 
Consulting & Quantum Coaching

“Inspired by Ben’s coaching, I am ready to dive in and make a big impact!”

—Cathy Goerz

Strategic Communications Advisor

San Francisco, CA

“I have benefited immensely from Ben's guidance about open communication, ethical influence, thought leadership, and building trust.”

—Amit Satsangi, MBA

Unravelling the Growth Story

Hidden In Your Customer Data

“...an organization, entrepreneur, or change agent, I highly recommend Ben… helped me deliver critical elements of my brand & positioning.”

—Steve Havill, CEO, Change Agent

Conscious Business Consultant

Certified High Performance Coach

Want a headstart?

Get Ben’s best wisdom for "getting it done" here.

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Thanks for being here and reading these words. May they support your happiness, health, success, and impact!

►►► If you want to write a high-quality book you're proud of (fast) — and get clients and partners BEFORE you're published, then reach me at (+1) 347.870.6502 (Whatsapp) or ben@influencewithaheart.com


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